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Empowering Security: Taulo Group Innovates

In light of the escalating crime rates in South Africa, it is imperative to establish a secure and dependable security system within your organization. The significance becomes even more pronounced when considering security measures that are resistant to tampering and can be accessed and monitored remotely from any global location at any given time. Taulo Group is your premier provider for top-notch security services tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization. We specialize in the installation of the highest quality, rigorously tested, and reliable products sourced from leading national and international security systems suppliers.

Our curated selection of brands incorporates cutting-edge technology, enabling our clients to seamlessly monitor their premises from smartphones, tablets, and TVs at remote locations. We offer premium security services and products from renowned brands at competitive prices. The confidence we place in the products we deploy allows us to extend a 2-year warranty to our clients, along with complimentary maintenance and service for the initial year.


Taulo Group envisions a safer future by pioneering cutting-edge security solutions. Committed to excellence, we aim to provide innovative electronic systems and expert personnel to safeguard residential, business, government, and retail environments, ensuring peace of mind for all our clients.

Our Mission

Taulo Group is dedicated to providing innovative security solutions, including guarding, armed response, and approved electronic systems for residential, business, government, and retail locations. We offer free site assessments to tailor security measures to your specific needs.

Why Choose Us

Securing Your World with Excellence

Choose Taulo Group for unparalleled security solutions. We blend innovation with reliability, offering state-of-the-art electronic systems and expert personnel for comprehensive protection. Our commitment to excellence is evident in free site assessments that tailor security to your unique needs. With competitive prices, a 2-year warranty, and complimentary maintenance, we prioritize your safety. Whether for homes, businesses, government institutions, or retail spaces, trust Taulo Group for peace of mind and a safer, more secure future.

Facts about us

• Our major clients are as follows, City Net, HCI, Indluplace, Strata Prop & Istolux properties
• We offer security services to 35 residential buildings in and around Gauteng
• We offer security services to 85 commercial units

Our Team

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